Why Choose MCO?

There are three things you need to know to identify a quality training organisation:

- The extent of their experience

- The strength of their connections with industry networks

- What results they achieve

At MCO, our goal is for each individual participant to experience a level of personal improvement as a result of their participation in our training programs. We also aim for the realisation of a stronger bottom line for our client organisations.

Each of our training products comes complete with all of the necessary course requirements. There are also no hidden costs e.g. all textbooks are included and we invoice in three instalments.

We work with each of our client organisations to develop the chosen training product to suit their needs. Our products are designed to be completed within a time frame of twelve months and provide student contact every month. Assessments are marked and returned to the students and a strong teamwork relationship is encouraged between the organisation, MCO and the student. We consider this relationship to be particularly important, as it sets the parameters for a successful achievement for both the organisation and the student.

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Delivery Options

  • Face to face, classroom based learning
  • Blended delivery including one on one coaching and mentoring
  • Worksite based learning
  • Delivered onsite or at a location best suitable for you