Certificate 3 Guarantee

The Certificate 3 Guarantee is a key initiative under the Queensland Government’s five-year training reform action plan - ‘Great skills, Real opportunities’. The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy to support eligible individuals to complete their first post-school certificate 3 level qualification.


To be eligible to access the Certificate 3 Guarantee, you must:

  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian permanent resident
  • be 15 years old or over
  • live in Queensland and have left school*
  • not already have a certificate III level or higher qualification
  • not be currently enrolled in a certificate III level or higher course.
  • • a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency

*Some VET in Schools students will be able to access training through the Certificate 3 Guarantee).
Higher Level Skills program
This program is open to any Queensland resident aged 15 years or over, who is no longer at school and is an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or Australian permanent resident or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency.
Prospective students must not have or be enrolled in a certificate IV or higher-level qualification, not including qualifications completed at school and foundations skills training.

Student Contribution Fees

Enrolment into Certificate 3 Guarantee qualifications or enrolment into a non-concessional lower-level vocational qualifications (Certificate I and Certificate II) requires you to contribute to your student fees (a ‘co-contribution fee’). The co-contribution fee varies depending on the qualification you wish to study and if you are entitled to a concession fee (‘concessional fee’).
A student facts about co-contribution fees and Certificate 3 Guarantee program can be found on Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet

Paying Student Contribution Fees

Student contribution fees for your Certificate 3 Guarantee enrolment will be invoiced prior to you commencing your training and only once your enrolment has been confirmed.
Your fees schedule provides you with an overview of the concessional and non-concessional fees for each qualification that MCO is approved to deliver under the Certificate 3 Guarantee. Click here for information.
More information about course fees and charges refer to Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet

Concessional Fees

Students who may be eligible for a concession under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program are:

  • Students (or their partner or guardian) who hold a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • School students enrolled in a VETis program
  • Students with a disability, or
  • Students who are adult prisoners
An MCO representative will review this with you during the Course Information Session. During this Course Information Session you will be advised of your eligibility for a concessional fee.

Certificate 3 Guarantee obligations

If you withdraw from your training or you complete your training, you will required to complete an employment survey. The results of this survey are reported to the Queensland Government. This survey will need to be completed within 3 months of withdrawing or completing your qualification. You will be able to access and complete this survey on-line. For more information about this survey refer to Student Survey Fact Sheet

Course Fees and Charges

The course fees for Certificate 3 Guarantee pays for the delivery of training, training resources (including the use of equipment located at off-site premises), conducting assessments, student identification card (including changes to that identification card), internal student support services, referral to an external student support provider and o upon completion or cancellation you will be issued a certificate or statement of attainment and record of results.
An MCO representative will review this with you during the Course Information Session. During this Course Information Session you will be advised of your contribution fee.
You will also receive information on your contribution fees at the unit level and for the delivery method that you have chosen.
For more information see course outlines and student support services.

Additional Fees and Charges

Fees for additional administration services will be charged for the following:

Re-issuing your transcript of results$20
Re-issuing your qualification$20
Replacing your student identification card$20
Photocopying20c per page

See the Student Handbook information on how to apply to have your qualification or transcript of results re-issued, student ID card replaced or get photocopying done for you.
Students may also be required to pay additional fees for student services which are being provided by an external organization.
For more information on student support services and requirements student resources.

Fee Payment

At the commencement of training you will receive an invoice for the contribution fee that you were advised of when you participated in the Course Information Session including due date for payment.
You will be able to pay your fees using one of the following methods:

  • Credit card payment
  • Direct debit
  • Direct deposit

If your employer or third party has agreed to pay your contribution fee your employer or third party will receive the invoice. Your employer or third party can pay the invoice using one of the methods provided on the invoice. Follow the instructions on the invoice or contact MCO on 1300 552 435 or (07) 3157 1799 for more information.
Students who have not paid their co-contribution fee by their course commencement date will not be able to commence training.
Contact MCO if you are having difficulties getting your course fees paid by the due date.


If you choose to withdraw from your qualification, refunds of your student contribution fees will be based on the units of competency that have not yet been resulted and will be paid on a pro-rata basis. Student contribution fees will not be refunded for units of competency that have been resulted. This includes any units of competency that have been credit transferred. When you withdraw from your course you will automatically receive any refund of your student contribution fee that you are entitled to. You will need to complete a Variation Form (can we make the words ‘Variation Form’ into a link) and you can return it to the MCO Queensland Office or your trainer.
MCO Refund Policy and application is located on www.mco.edu.au/training-with-mco/student-resources/. Requests for refunds will generally be processed within 15 working days. For more information about deferral or suspension of a course please refer to the Student Handbook.